Spiral Duct Australia produce round fittings and accessories to match all diameters of round spiral duct. Joints can be either spot welded and sealed, gore locker seam or fully welded to suit your specification.

Joining to straight sections can be made by standard Male or Female slip joint or by use of flanges or spiralmates. These can be supplied directly to you or fitted in our factory.

Gauges: 0.5mm to 4.0mm (heavier on request)

Materials: Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel

We stock the following fittings for your convenience:

Rubber sealed fittings – dampers – spigots – bends – branches – slide gates – jet cowls – gas cowls – transitions – end caps – reducers – access panels – half hangers – full hangers – 2 bolt band hangers – spiralmate flange systems

E.P.A. CowlSF55-11
Chinaman’s CowlSF56-11
Jet Cowl – GalSFJCG
Jet Cowl – S/SSFJCS
Spiralmate Round Connector System 1.36MB
Curved Access Panel 504KB
Rubber Sealed Fittings 305KB