Semi-Rigid Aluminium Flex is a high-quality aluminium, Triple Lock Flexible Ducting. With its high operating temperature and low pressure loss, Semi-Rigid Aluminium Flex is the best option for kitchen range hoods and, bathroom and laundry ventilation.

Semi-Rigid Aluminium flex is supplied as a standard 3 metre length, compressed to 1.2m for easy shipping. (Also available in uncompressed format to special order)

The Triple Locked corrugated construction provides:

  • Air tight seams without using adhesive
  • Excellent flexibility without loss of strength
  • Lightweight (easy to use and manipulate)
  • Self-supporting (eliminating hangers)
  • Highly puncture and corrosion resistant
  • Temperature Rating – 30℃ to +240℃
  • Manuractured material thickness 0.10mm
  • Complies with Australian Standards – AS1668.1
  • 4 Zero Fire Rating complies to Australian Standard – 1530.3
  • Custom Lengths
  • Compressible
Semi Rigid Aluminium Flex Information and Ordering Codes 311KB