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Spiral Duct Australia

Spiral Duct Australia

Spiral Duct Australia Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of spiral duct.

We are Melbourne-based and offer a line of standard commercial and industrial spiral ducts, fittings,and custom fabrications designed to meet Australian standards.

Our major strengths are:
  • the highest possible quality of ductwork
  • guaranteed on-time delivery
  • ability to supply just a few components and a complete system for a big projects

Spiral Duct Applications

Examples of spiral duct applications

The tubing we produce is suitable for:
  • Return activated sludge lines
  • Primary effluent feeder pipe
  • Process air lines
  • Waste activated sludge lines
  • Filtration pipework
  • Odour/foul air ducting

Industries using spiral ducting

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Chemical
  • Underground works (mining etc)
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Plumbing aplications


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Spiral Duct Manufacturer: Victoria, Australia
Quality duct manufacturer, Australia. Spiral Duct supplies tubing for the needs of chemical, water and sewerage treatment, irrigation and construction. Our ductwork is suitable for commercial applications in restaurants, offices, schools and other buildings. Reliable piping manufacturer, Australia, Victoria